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KT-S700 3 Axis CNC Milling Machining Center for aluminum curtain wall profile

Item No.: KT-S700
1.Suitable used  for  milling ,drilling ,cutting on aluminum alloy profiles,PVC,light alloy profiles.
2.Adopts Siemens828D CNC system, with powerful function ,.fast data processing and excellent product reliability.
3-Adopts  HSD Italian  high speed and
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Description data
Work area Processing length of X-axis 7000mm
  Processing length of Y-axis 5800mm
  Processing length of Y-axis 350mm
Work accuracy Positionning ±0.05mm
  Re-positioning X Axis±0.02   
Y Axis±0.015
Z Axis±0.01  
  Extent of prependcicularity 0.1/100mm/mm
  Rough 0.1 mm
  Extent of circularity Ra 12.5 um
Feeding speed X-aixs 70 m/min
  Y-axis 40 m/min
  Z-axis 40 m/min
  A-axis 102 r/min
Tool system Tool quantity 6-position /ISO30
  Tool change time 8 s
Collet Max. Diameter Ø 16 mm
Spindle Italian SHD Power /rotary speed 7.5kw/24000rpm
Servo motor (SIEMENS) X 1.5KW
Y 0.85KW
Z 0.85KW
Voltage /Power supply 380V 50HZ/10KW
Overall dimension 8600×2100×1800
600x1400x1800 (control box)
Power source Power 20 KVA
  Air pressure 68 Kg/cm2