Aluminum Cutting Machine

KT-383F/D600C CNC Double Head Mitre Saw Cutting Machine for curtain wall

Item No.: KT-383F/D600C
specially used for cutting aluminum curtain wall profile in any angles from 22.5-135 degree;  positioning precision is high.  It can be connected with WIFI to realize office  remote control of machine processing procedures,Can be used for QR code printing
  1. It is mainly used in cutting material plan of aluminum alloy profile, also available in cutting plastic profile.
  2. By using hard alloy saw blade, the outer diameter can reach 24". Both its linear speed and processing precision are high. When the machine works, the blades of double-head saws can carry on cutting simultaneously or separately.
  3. The saw blades can tilting at any angle of 22.5°~90°~135°.
  4. Japanese NC system and feedback system of German ELGO original assemble, whose positioning precision is high, repeating positioning precision is about ±0.1 mm,  original assemble motor, whose cutting precision is high,and its stability is good, so they are more suitable for cutting at any angle for aluminum alloy profiles.
1. Saw cutting length 500(90°) ~6000mm
2. Saw cutting (W×H) 150×330mm
2. Main motor power 4 KW×2
3. Main motor rotary speed 2840r/min
5. Saw blade dimension Φ600 × Φ38 × 144T
6. Saw blade tilting angle 22.5°~90°~135°
7. Saw blade feeding speed 0~3m/min
8. Saw blade retracting speed 2~5m/min
9. Operation air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
10. Operation voltage 380V
10. Overall dimension (L x W x H) 7800×1800×2000mm
11. Weight 2100KG
12. Air consumption capacity 250L/min