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KT-X3+1 3Axis CNC Machining Ceneter

Item No.: KT-X3+1
Suitable for processing of mounting hole ,shaped hole,lock hole,launder slots and tapping on various kinds of aluminium profiles,curtain profile,industrial profiles , solar profiles and sanitary profiles.It can complete processing for hole and notch into
Adopts high quality computer numerical control system, friendly interface, operate easily .The motor adopts imported high speed spindle ,high quality servo motor,ball screw ,linear guide and imported bearing ,ensure high precision processing. Adopts 8-position linear tool ,changes tools automatically and quickly.Adopts automatic positioning and pneumatic clamping system, ensure high-speed positioning and clamp firmly. Adopts double cooling system ,cooling tools.Adopts visual protection cover, with working light ,ensure safety and need of observation processing. Adopts fully closed protection device ,ensures operator’s  safe and reduce operating noise .With aluminum scrap collect function,ensure clean working environment.

Main technique parameter:                          
1. Work area: X/Y/Z axis 3500/300/300mm
2. Working accuracy Locating
Repeat locating
Drilling sag
Cutting surface roughness
3. Speed of feeding: X/Y/Z 18/30/20m/min
4. Blade exchange time 20 seconds
5. Spindle: Power/rev 6 KW /  18000 rpm
6. Servo motor(Taiwan LNC): X/Y/Z/C/R (Tools store) 0.85/0.75/0.85KW
7. Max. collet diameter ø10
8. Overall dimension of lather (L×W×H) 5360×1500×1600mm
10. Power supply 20KVA
11. Operation air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
12. A Axis rotated angle 0-180 degree